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Welcome to our international web page

GWWPRO is a Dutch company. It was established in the year 1988 and located in the centre of the Netherlands.

We are highly specialised in civil and hydro engineering solutions for sewerage and drainage, as well as mobile road plate construction and event site access and surface protection solutions!

For decades we supply the European construction and event markets with state of the art, light weight/heavy duty Road Plates – for sale as well as for rent!

Furthermore sales of interlocking mobile pedestrian plates and outrigger pads, manufactured from high quality, environmentally sound, recycled plastics.

Primarily we supply light weight, nevertheless extremely strong and flexible top-notch HMPE road plates featuring rather unique features, customised to meet your wishes, requirements and standards.

Our hiring business of road plates is well known all over Europe on construction sites and open air events. Export of sales is a international European matter for us as well.

Our products have proven to be a great alternative for instance for plywood, heavy steel plates as well as tropical wood excavator and crane mats in many a project...

People, planet, plastics for infrastructure powered by GWWPRO

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Vlag BE  +32 477035223

Vlag NL    0416 540970

Vlag LU +31 416 540970

Vlag DE +31 26 4438262

Vlag AT +31 26 4438262

Vlag CH +31 26 4438262

Vlag FR +33 785078139

Vlag IT +31 26 4438262

Vlag ES +31 26 4438262

Vlag PT +31 26 4438262

Vlag UK +448704055588

Vlag RO +40 740491709

Vlag HU +36 30 3313333

Vlag EU +31 6 51232271 or +31 23 8443301

FAX: +31 26 4431534 & +31 416 540973

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mighty speed machine on our humble plates 

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